What are the Axe Throwing Target Measurements and Target Height?

Can’t get enough Axe Throwing? Maybe you should make your own axe throwing target! Luckily, Lumber Jack’s and The World Axe Throwing League has you covered with all the details and instructions you’ll need to make a fresh backyard target. If you want the step-by-step instructions and the axe throwing target measurements for how to build one of these target boards, head on over to our post How to Build An Axe Throwing Target. Here, we will discuss the delicate art of painting the targets themselves!

World Axe Throwing League Targets

If you want to stick to the official rules of axe throwing when making your own axe throwing target, the WATL has you covered. They have outlined the breakdown for exactly how to mark up your target board to the official size and dimensions. This may differ slightly from the International Axe Throwing Federation target style, as they are two different but equally official organizations. Here at Lumber Jack’s, our leagues are part of the WATL, so we rely on their super helpful information.

The absolute easiest way to properly paint your axe throwing target is by using an official WATL target stencil. For just under $100 (currently on sale!) you can get your own super easy to use DIY axe throwing target marking tool! Rather than having to drag out your measuring tape and find the perfect center point each time, this stencil makes it super easy to draw perfect target rings.

Each of these kits includes:

  • Version 4 Stencil (The most up-to-date version of the target!)
  • 1 Refillable Black Marker
  • 1 Refillable Red Marker
  • 1 Refillable Blue Barker

What’s so great about this kit is that you don’t need to deal with messy spray paints or an unruly and large spray stencil. This is more of a guide to glide your markers along the vertical target boards to create perfect circles every time.

Make Your Own Axe Throwing Target on a Budget

If you want to save a few bucks or you’re just feeling extra crafty, you can also use the official WATL target measurements and guide to make your own stencil. So, What are the Axe Throwing Target Measurements and Target Height? Here are the axe throwing target dimensions for each ring on a standard wooden target:

The following is courtesy of the WATL Website:

  1. Lines are to be 20mm thick.
  2. The bullseye is 1.5” in diameter, outlined with a black waterproof pen, and colored in red.
  3. The bullseye sits 24” inches (60.96 cm) from the bottom of the board. This should make the center of the bullseye 60″ from the floor.
  4. The 2 blue circles are 1.5” inches in diameter and positioned inside the 1-point ring.
  5. The bottom of the Blue Circles are positioned approximately 35.25 inches from the bottom of the board, to the bottom of those dots and 2.5 inches from the outer side of the board ensuring they are centered inside the 1-point outer ring. This should make the bottom of the dot 71.25″ from the floor.

BONUS: To be WATL Official, targets should not have any additional markings other than the lines, bullseye, and “killshot” dots.

Construction of Axe Throwing Targets

Building a wooden target for axe throwing requires specific dimensions and materials to make it suitable for hatchet and axe throwing. You’ll need straight boards, the best wood within your price range! (We recommend cottonwood for the center boards, and pine for the side boards! You’ll need to stack the wood horizontally behind the main target boards, getting a first layer made of a bunch of boards, rather than one solid piece in the center. This allows for the second layer, the boards the axes or knives will actually sink in to, to be changed out frequently.

Maintenance of Your Target Area

It’s important to keep your axe throwing board ready for every last throw! Spraying down your axe throwing target with a fine mist of water is great for landing a solid hit! The water soaks into the wood, making it a little softer and more receptive to the blade edge of the axe head. An axe is more like a wedge than a super sharp katana blade!

Additionally, you’ll want to keep your throwing lane clear of obstacles or items that you wouldn’t want to hit. When you practice throwing axes, it’s likely that you won’t hit a perfect bullseye every time! There’s no shame in missing the target, but there is some shame in throwing an axe straight into your grandma’s favorite vintage vase that she’s left on the ground near your target stand. Maybe that’s actually HER fault and maybe SHE should get off my back about it! I told you I’d pay you back, grandma! Stop asking me about it!

One Bullseye Makes all the Difference

They say practice makes perfect, and I’m inclined to agree. If it sounds like a lot of work to make your own axe throwing target, you’re not wrong? Honestly it would be a whole lot easier to come on down to Lumber Jack’s Axe Throwing! We can help you to improve your axe throwing skills and you might just make a few friends along the way. Come hang with us every Wednesday-Sunday, no appointments needed! (Although you can book one if you’d like!)

Thanks, as always, for reading. If you want to see some seriously rad and ultra clutch throws, check out our Instagram page!

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