LumberjAXES Axe Throwing

Is it spelled wrong, or did we miss out on a great opportunity to name our business with an axe-related pun? You decide. Lumber Jack’s Axe Throwing does its very best to provide the best possible experience for all of our guests. It’s so much fun to throw axes, and you only need a little bit of training to start hitting awesome bullseyes. We have an in-depth post on How to Throw an Axe, so consider this a quick-start-guide!

Learning to Throw Axes

When you come visit us, one of our awesome axe-perts will teach you to throw, acting as your own personal axe coach! Whether you are one of our many walk-in groups, or if you planned your date night ahead of time, we’re ready to show you how it’s done! In fact, we show you two different ways to throw two types of axes. Tailored specifically to you, the learning experience is customized based on your dominant hand.

Starting with Stance

Right handed throwers will step up to the throwing line in their lane, taking a comfortable step backwards with their right foot. This keeps the left foot forward and gives you space to shift the weight of your body backward, performing a simple “wind up rock;” this helps with the momentum of axe throwing. See, strength isn’t everything, but a good follow-through can really level up your axe throwing. Now that you’ve mastered the first step, keep your stance & hold axe outward.

Keep Your Axe Straight

Raising the head to eye level, keep the blade of the axe forward, facing away from you and toward the target. With your dominant hand on the axe grip, place your non-dominant hand over the first, covering it. With your arms extended out, rock your body forward, shifting the weight to your front foot. As you raise the axe up over your head, shift that weight to your back foot. All the while keeping your axe extended, be sure to keep it straight. Leans or shifts in the axe’s position can lead to cutting across the grain of the wooden target, making it much more difficult to stick.

The Throw Itself

Physical stance? Check. Holding your Axe? Check. Now comes the fun part: the actual axe throwing. As you raise that axe up and behind your head, get ready to swing forward and release! Bring the axe down and right when it passes in front of your eyes, let go! THUNK! A perfect throw.

If your axe isn’t sticking, it’s likely that you need to simply move backward or forward in the lane. We go over Under and Over Rotation in our post: Axe Throwing Technique. You’re all set to go head to head against your friends!

Practice Axe Throwing

The best way to improve isn’t to read some silly blog, but to get out there and try it for yourself! This stress-relieving sport is a great way to drum up some family fun while trying something new. Unlike most axe throwing establishments, Lumber Jack’s allows participants 16+!

So what do you think? Should we have named our business LumberjAXES Axe Throwing? I personally like it just the way it is. I’m not sure Jack would be super pleased with us messing with his name like that. He’s a pretty cool cartoon lumberjack and all, but it’s still his name.

Want more deep-thinking questions like this one? Do you enjoy reading about all things LJ’s? Want to learn the secrets of the universe itself??? Are you just DYING to know when we will finally provide mobile axe throwing? Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our emails to stay in the know!

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