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  • Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

    Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

    Although it might come off as a little intimidating, axe throwing isn’t a dangerous sport. In the same way that you can injure yourself with a tennis racket if you’re not handling it properly, it’s all about mindfulness and careful practice. When participants follow the rules, and axe throwing venues work to create a safe […]

  • How old do you have to be to axe throw?

    How old do you have to be to axe throw?

    Popular with adventure seekers of all ages, axe throwing is becoming one of the most popular events to host a party around. Giving your guests an opportunity to play a new casual sport is a super fun way to celebrate friends, family, or whatever you’ve got going on! Of course, our biggest goal is to […]

  • What to Wear Axe Throwing

    What to Wear Axe Throwing

    When on an axe throwing adventure, it’s important to be safe and comfortable during your experience. Many sports require very specific clothes, but throwing axes is a lot more causal. You can wear just about anything you’d like, save for open toe shoes. Here we have outlined some of the best options for what to […]

  • Axe Throwing Scoring – How to Keep Score

    Axe Throwing Scoring – How to Keep Score

    At Lumber Jack’s we offer a wide variety of fun axe throwing games, igniting your competitive spirit! Let’s take a look at just how to keep score. The confetti falls in a crepe paper rain of red, white, and blue, filling the arena with swirling color. The points have been tallied, the axes all thrown, […]

  • What is the Best Wood for Axe Throwing Target?

    What is the Best Wood for Axe Throwing Target?

    The permeating scent of fresh sawdust wafts through the sunlit workshop. Careful and practiced hands guide a glinting saw through soft and well-sanded wood planks. The Lumber Jack blows a layer of sawdust from the surface of the board, sending particles up and swirling into a beam of golden sunlight. He smiles, admiring his craftsmanship, […]

  • How to Throw An Axe

    How to Throw An Axe

    At Lumber Jack’s Axe Throwing, we prioritize safety in all that we do. No experience required, our dedicated axe-perts teach each guest how to safely and successfully throw axes! In under an hour, players transform from novice to bull’s eye master. We want to ensure that everyone stays safe, has fun, and is completely comfortable […]

  • Has anyone died axe throwing?

    Has anyone died axe throwing?

    The age old question… has anyone died axe throwing? Golden sunlight filters through the bows of impossibly tall pine trees. Their fallen needles crunching softly beneath worn boots lined with thick woolen socks. The cool autumn breeze shakes down a few more needles, fluttering to the ground like verdant fairy wings. The lumberjack brushes down […]

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